organic light


Live visuals project with plastic artist R M Silva – based on the audiovisual interaction in space. Experimenting with the camera as a visual-joystick using the feedback of the live-projection we are able to create interactive images, color effects and animations. Contact for live-VJ

eigenklang is a happening of sound.
It is an experimental playground for your senses, an invitation to your playful soul and – for some – it can be therapy. We invite the audience to join us on a journey of sounds. Therefore we turn you from passive listeners into playful musicians and – hopefully – into a fantastic orchestra of sounds. Using binaural microphones we are able to create multi layered soundscapes which are forming an artificial sound reality inside our ears. Each individual of the participating group feels connected to each other based on the universal language of sounds and it is a perfect exercise for equal status between everybody, initimacy and non-verbal communication through music.


interactive audiovisual